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Discover the soul of American history, where New Jersey began... a little gem of history hidden on the banks of the Delaware River... the 325-year old City of Burlington. Come and be moved by panoramas of real American history, framed in our tree-lined, sun-dappled streets. Try it for your next family vacation day trip, or bring your seniors group. It’s an easy walk in History’s mighty little square mile.

The heart of the City of Burlington is its National Registry Historic District. This square mile of brick cobbled walks and period houses offers a taste of the earliest colonial American living. See the homes of great men and women. Visit important Underground Railroad sites.

Our heritage is so rich, it is best if you browse this list five sites at a time, with pictures. Below, view the first five locations. Proceed through the list by clicking on the “See Sites x-y” numbers.

Or, click <here> to see the entire list in simpler text form.

When you come, expect to spend from 2 1/2 to 3 hours touring, depending on your pace. Walk the full 2 to 3 miles, or shorten the Tour to suit yourself. You may even select from shorter Special Interest Tours listed in Ready, Set, Tour. Some sites have stairs. Wear comfortable walking shoes.

Print out a Map to Historic Sites to locate Sites by number. Or, call 609-386-0200 or 386-4773 to arrange a group tour guide, or to request a free Tour Guide & Map Brochure showing all 44 sites with a clear, color map.

1 Burlington Island

Aerial image, IslandVisible from Riverfront Promenade
The first recorded settlement in New Jersey places Europeans on this island in 1624. They were Walloons from Belgium who established a trading post to barter with the Indians. New Jersey’s first record of an African presence notes slaves of a Dutch colonial official. Subsequent to the Dutch, Swedes and Finns occupied this island, finally seized by the English in 1664. The first murder in recorded New Jersey history took place on this island in the 1670s when two Indians murdered two Dutchmen. Since 1682 one of the oldest trustees in the nation, the Board of Island Managers, has administered funds from part of the island for the education of City students.

Hoskins Facade Hoskins House

202 High Street
This colonial period structure has been restored as a model for restoration and preservation throughout the City of Burlington. Many of the restored furnishings and antiques are from our City. There have been several archaeological digs, where pottery, jars, and tools have been uncovered.

Old Canopy Bed Mouldings, period art, Old Glory Fireplace, Spinning Wheel

Former Site, Isaac Collins Print Shop

206 High Street
At this location, Isaac Collins presided over a print shop where he published all government documents, including money, birth certificates and the minutes of the Royal Council. Collins arrived in Burlington in the 1760s and established himself as a printer of the first degree. His accomplishments included the state’s first weekly newspaper, The New Jersey Gazette, superb almanacs, and several editions of the Holy Bible. Ben Franklin used America’s first copperplate press here in Burlington to print New Jersey’s first colonial currency.

Temple B’nai Israel

212 High St.
One of South Jersey’s oldest synagogues, Temple B’Nai Israel was established 1916. Originally, this structure was built for Lydia Ritche, and was later the home of U.S. Senator Garret Wall and his son, James, first mayor of the City of Burlington under the 1851 charter. The building became the residence of the McNeal family, founders of U.S. Pipe and Foundry Company, and an adopted daughter, Marguerite V. Burton. Marguerite married a German Baron in 1912, and a German diplomat’s son in 1917, provoking a duel between them, and inciting international controversy during World War I.

Dr. John Howard Pugh House

214 High Street
Known as the Counting House, this example of Georgian/Federal architecture was created after 1768 from two houses circa 1709 and 1716, with further alterations in 1860. Between 1767 and 1776 occupied by Samuel Allinson, author of a state laws compilation, and a member of the Friends prominent in local anti-slavery movements. His grandson, William J. Allinson, opened a pharmacy in town (see Burlington Pharmacy). Dr. J. H. Pugh moved to Burlington in 1854, living in the house from 1857 to 1905. During the Civil War, he served without compensation at the U.S. General Hospital in nearby Beverly. After the war, he served in the House of Representatives, resumed his medical practice, was president of the Mechanics’ National Bank of Burlington, and served on the State Board of Education. Much that is original to the private dwelling has been preserved by present owner, Mr. John A. Hammer, CPA, who has periodically opened the building to visitors during street fairs and other special events.

See Sites 1-5 | 6-10 | 11-15 | 16-20 | 21-25 | 26-30 | 31-35 | 36-40 | 41-44 | List All


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