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Discover the soul of American history, where New Jersey began... come and see...
Meeting place of area Quakers for over 300 years.
Grave of Chief Ockanickon, Chief of the Mantas tribe of the Lenape.
Bar site of legendary arm-wrestling match between Abe Lincoln and U. S. Grant.
Oldest extant construction in the City of Burlington.
Repository of first Governors of West Jersey document vesting “...power in the people.”

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Friends Meetinghouse

341 High Street
This building’s location has been the meeting place of area Quakers for over 300 years. The original seats and tables built during the Revolution are still in use. Constructed on the site of the original hexagonal meetinghouse used from 1685 to 1785. The building and grounds are reminders of the important contributions Quakers have made to the area’s culture over the centuries.

Among the noteworthies interred in the burial grounds behind the building are founder of Bryn Mawr College Joseph Taylor, printer Isaac Collins, and missionary Stephen Grellet.

Chief Ockanickon Gravesite

To the rear of the Friends Meetinghouse under a huge sycamore is a plaque and stone marking the grave of Chief Ockanickon, Chief of the Mantas tribe of the Lenape, and an early Native American friend of the settlers. A boulder near the tree bears his mark, and a bronze plaque with his last words: “Be plain and fair to all, both Indian and Christian, as I have been.”

Blue Anchor Inn

SW corner of High & Broad Streets
Site of the historic Blue Anchor Tavern, established 1750. This famous hostelry was used as a public house where food, drink, lodging and a place to meet and exchange ideas were available to locals, and visitors. During the Revolution, this building served both Colonial and British forces. A stage line ran from the Blue Anchor to points north. The current structure has also served guests of national fame. The Belden House, as it was later known, was a favorite lodging place for stars of the American Stage performing at the Opera House located nearby. Republicans utilized this building as a headquarters during Abraham Lincoln’s presidential political campaign. The bar within is the site of a legendary arm-wrestling match between candidate Abraham Lincoln and Ulysses S. Grant.


406 High Street
Incorporated into this building is the oldest extant construction in the City of Burlington; first occupied by Thomas Ollive, an original founder of the City and a prominent member of early West Jersey government. In time it became the home of international trader Richard Smith, Jr., and his son Richard Smith, Esq., a member of the Continental Congress who resigned because of his Quaker vows of nonviolence when war with Great Britain was imminent. It was later the dwelling of Henry C. Carey, noted American Economist and muckraker.

Surveyor General’s Office

W. Broad Street
The first governors of West Jersey at a time when Burlington was Capital of West Jersey, The Council of West Jersey Proprietors maintains their records in this office. Among the many rare and valuable documents stored here is The Concessions and Agreements, a frame of Government for the colony of West Jersey written and signed by William Penn and other maor landholders in 1676. Many of the principles and ideals annunciated in this document were incorporated into the U.S. Constitution in 1787. Innovations included:

Concessions document civil and religious liberty;
separate executive and legislative power;
freedom of speech;
no deprivation without due process of law.

The Council is responsible for the original disposition of all acreage within Western NJ. Surveyor General is a highly esteemed position which carries with it the responsibility of presenting surveys to the Proprietors and the general administration of their records. The position was formally established in 1688 and has been held in direct succession since that time.

See Sites 1-5 | 6-10 | 11-15 | 16-20 | 21-25 | 26-30 | 31-35 | 36-40 | 41-44 | List All

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