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See Sites 1-5 | 6-10 | 11-15 | 16-20 | 21-25 | 26-30 | 31-35 | 36-40 | 41-44 | List All
Discover the soul of American history, where New Jersey began... a little gem of history hidden on the banks of the Delaware River... the 325-year old City of Burlington. Try it for your next family vacation day trip, or bring your seniors group. Come and see...
Home of a Surveyor General and his eponymous son, Treasurer of West Jersey.
The oldest fire company*.
The first pharmacy*.
The three Richard Smiths– Doctor, Assemblyman, and State Treasurer.
Vaunted silversmith’s abode.

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Site of Thomas Gardiner House

228 High Street
One of early Burlington’s most influential Quaker leaders, Thomas Gardiner’s “new” house was built on this site circa 1685. It has since been torn down. Gardiner served as Surveyor General of West Jersey. His son, also Thomas Gardiner, lived in his father’s house and attained the position of Treasurer of West Jersey.

Endeavor Fire Co.

19 E. Union Street
The Endeavor, is the oldest fire company in the State of New Jersey under the same name. It was established by John Hoskins, Jr. and other Quakers in an effort to solve the growing problem of fires in eighteenth century Burlington. Each member was required to obtain a bucket, a ladder and axe, and to pass a morals test.

The spire on top of the Endeavor stood on the original Town Hall and Market House 1797 which was on High Street at Union. Today the Endeavor is but one of six fire companies which bravely serve the people of the City of Burlington.

Burlington Pharmacy

301 High Street
This is New Jersey’s oldest pharmacy in continuous operation. It was reputedly once a center of anti-slavery activity in Burlington, owned by Quaker William J. Allinson, an ardent abolitionist. Poet John Greenleaf Whittier denounced slavery from its doorstep, and oral tradition has it that tunnels under this building hid slaves as part of the Underground Railroad. Isaac Collins, the royal printer, lived in this building from 1770 to 1778.

Dr. Richard Smith House

315 High Street
The earliest parts of this building date to 1700 when it was constructed by Joseph Scattergood, a carpenter from Philadelphia, for Dr. Richard Smith. Dr. Smith sired one of colonial Burlington’s largest and most influential familes. Dr. Smith’s son Richard Jr., was an international trader and representative to the Provincial Assembly. In 1720, he built the house now known as the Coleman House. He purchased Alcazar in 1739, and built the Blue Anchor Tavern next to it 11 years later. Just as his father Richard Jr. had, Richard Smith, Esq. served in the Assembly. Later State Treasurer, he served one term in the Continental Congress before resigning based on his Quaker opposition to the Revolutionary War.

Later the bulding housed William R. Allen, a Whig, who served two terms as mayor, and for whom a school was named in honor.

Nathaniel Coleman House

320 High Street
Nathaniel Coleman, a Quaker silversmith, lived in this home from 1793 to 1842. His work is now prized by collectors. The Friendly Institution, a local charitable society, was organized in this building on December 14, 1796. The Friendly Society continues doing good, charitable work to this day, over 200 years later.

See Sites 1-5 | 6-10 | 11-15 | 16-20 | 21-25 | 26-30 | 31-35 | 36-40 | 41-44 | List All

Tours vary from 1 1/2 to 3 hours (2 to 3 miles), depending on pace and route. Tours may be modified. Special Interest Tours are listed in Ready, Set, Tour. Some sites have stairs. Wear comfortable walking shoes.

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