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Mayor Barry Conaway
City of Burlington
Common Council:
Pres.Suzanne Woodard
VP, Dave Babula
Thomas Swanl
George Chachi
Suzanne Woodard
Ila Marie Lollar

Jeanette Mercuri
Helen Hatala

Council Liaisons to Tourism Council
Burlington County
Historical Society
City of Burlington
Historical Society
Colonial Burlington Foundation
Greater Burlington
Chamber of Commerce
City of Burlington Historic Preservation Commission
Historic Yorkshire
Burlington Brotherhood Inc.
Oliver Cromwell

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Time to get in touch with the past... The pace is leisurely... The people are friendly...
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Time travel is a walk in the park where New Jersey began, in the 325-year old historic City of Burlington... try it for your next family vacation day trip, or bring your seniors group.

Families! Seniors! For a FREE Tour Map Brochure

Free Map Guide BrochureLimited supplies of FREE Tour Guide & Map Brochures are available. They contain: Map of Historic District; Historical Notes on Over 40 Sites; Attractions; Calendar of Year-round Events; Amenities appealing to Families with Children, Seniors and History Buffs. Request yours now! < E-mail > or call now: (609) 386-0200 x114

Travel Professionals! Get your FREE Tour Planner

Tour Planner for Travel ProsTravel Agents, Meeting or Event Planners, Social and Activity Directors, call now for a FREE color photo-packed 16 pp. Tour Planner with 57 Color Photos, Maps, Directions, plus Calendar of Year-Round Events, Shopping, Dining, Attractions Here and Near, Accommodations and more, to help you understand the attraction and present it to your group, organization, association, club or company. To request yours: < E-mail >, or phone (609) 386-0200 x114

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To arrange your Guided Tour

Self-paced Audiocassette Tour. Historic Guided Walking Tour, or Step-on Guide for Tour Bus available for groups, advance notice required. Call: (609) 0200 x114

Be sure to thoroughly visit this, our website

For details, special Events, and self-guided Tours tuned to special interests, plus listings:

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New Calendar of Events

Details of our special Events updated throughout the year, performances, dates, times, conditions, more, available now

  • U.S. Mail (send address to Dir., Public Affairs, City Hall, Burlington NJ 08016)
  • E-mail (request your e-mail subscription, send e-mail address < here > )
  • Online... click here for current Calendar of Events
  • or call: (609) 386-0200 or (609) 386-4070

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City of Burlington Tourism Council
Beverly Schneglesberger, Chairperson
City Hall
525 High St.
Burlington NJ 08016
Phone: (609) 386-0200
please call during business hours

City of Burlington Tourism and Information Center
East Broad and High Street
Burlington NJ 08016
Phone: (609) 386-1900

You may call to reserve a Guided Walking Tour or just to ask for a time to pick up some suggestions, brochures, Map Guide or flyers. The Tour Office is located in the Tourism and Information Center, at High and W. Broad Street.  Also visit the Carriage House, on Smith Alley, a Centennial-era stable and Transportation Museum complete with carriages, sleighs, sledge and locally-manufactured rickshaw.

OPEN April to November by appointment.  Please call (609) 386-0200 x114 to arrange a visit for your group.
Scheduled Guided Tours usually depar t11:30 AM & 2:00 PM.

Follow your Guide to visit historic sites. Enter premier properties of the past. Moderate walking of about 1 1/2 hrs. duration.

TOURS OFFERINGS INCLUDE: Topical Tours including in-depth Underground Railroad, Revolutionary War; Student Tours; Student Tours that support NJ Core Curriculum Standards; Walk with the Ghost Tours (late October); Tall Ship Sailing Excursions (twice yearly); “Dine‘n’Tour” All-Inclusive Package with shopping and dining discounts; and more

Click the following link to request your own copy of the Guided Walking Tour flyer

Groups welcome, Group Discounts Available

Every Tour Ticket comes with Delicious Dining Discounts in virtually every restaurant of the Historic District, up to 20% Savings! Check out our Special Offers.

City of Burlington
Public Affairs Director John Alexander

525 High Street

Phone:  (609)  386  0200
please call during business hours

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Burlington County Historical Society
Historical Society Complex Open Tue. – Sat. 1pm – 5pm;
Museum & Library Open First Friday of Month 6pm – 9pm.
Admission charged
451 High St.
Burlington, NJ 08016
(609) 386-4773
Fax: (609) 386-4828

For information, you may also contact:
City of Burlington Historical Society
Carriage House
12 Smith Alley
Burlington NJ 08016
(609) 386-3993
leave message

“ encourage and develop an interest in the history of the City of Burlington... to originate and sponsor social and educational activities intended to... develop interest in preserving the cultural and historical heritage existing in the City of Burlington.”

City of Burlington Historical Society meets on the second Monday of every month to help preserve and sustain our City’s venerable period architecture, irreplaceable artifacts and historical documents of great significance. Acting as stewards of the past, the City of Burlington Historical Society members help impart valuable lessons to the present.

Meeting 2nd Mondays, 7:00 PM
Keegan Recreation Center
522 Wood Street
Burlington NJ 08016

Membership in the City of Burlington Historical Society costs a mere $5 per year.

City of Burlington Historical Society Constitution and By-Laws (Acrobat PDF file, 324 Kb)

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For information about Revell House and the Wood Street Fair, contact:
Colonial Burlington Foundation
Revell House
PO Box 1602
Burlington NJ 08016

Send E-mail requests for literature, guides and information to: E-mail Tourism Council

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The past is calling... and it’s our present to you. Welcome to the City of Burlington.



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